Welcome to the JIBC’s course on building resilience! This course is entirely web-based and uses exercises, web-based self-assessment tools, and videos to engage you in learning the knowledge and skills that will increase your ability to work/volunteer as an Emergency Responder (e.g., police, fire, ambulance, correctional workers) or a Healthcare Worker (e.g., nurse) while maintaining wellness throughout your career.

The material has been developed in collaboration with Emergency Responders and Healthcare professionals like you. The intended audience is rather broad so that students and trainees can benefit from the course as well as persons with more work experience. Lastly, we have developed the course to be useful for volunteers and civilians who may also be involved in working in stressful and/or traumatic environments.


  1. Defining key term such as occupational trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and resilience
  2. Highlighting the common psychological, social, and physical risks associated with working as an emergency responder
  3. Discussing the various psychosocial symptoms or outcomes that may arise as a result of exposure to working in emergency situations.
  4. Building proactive resilience skills through managing self-talk, feelings, and behaviour.

This course can be viewed from a computer or a mobile device. To save your place in the course, we recommend you register below. When you are all registered, and ready to take the course, click on the course lessons tab at the top of this page.